Eternal Satguru

Sanatan Satguru Yeshu Masih

Lord Jesus came to this world as the incarnate son of God. Although he was the creator, the world did not recognise him. He was the light of the world, but the darkness did not understand him. He came to his own people and his own did not receive him. John 1:5, 10, 11.

Lord Jesus is alive today; he is not in the tomb. He is not a lifeless object, a picture or simply a power. He is the creator, who has created us all. In this message let us understand Christ and the Salvation he offers. The real issue:

It is not some social problem like scarcity of water, poverty an evil government or unemployment. It is not even the Physical sicknesses like Tuberculosis, cancer or AIDS.

The real problem of man is an invisible deadly spiritual state in the flesh, soul and spirit. A kind of poison or venom that is spread all over and God calls it Sin. It is a rebellion against a living and eternal God and rejection of his truth that he has revealed. It is the rejection of his divine will and laws. Bible says that because of Sin, man is separated from God. Sin leads to the spiritual death in man. He needs the help of the creator to restore him back.

Looking around what do we see, robbery, violence, murder, rape, cheating corruption and injustice? All evil surrounds us.

Now let us honestly see what is inside us. There is selfishness, jealousy, anger, hatred, greed, lust, pride and lies.

Also let us examine our motives. We will soon discover that behind every action there is a selfish motive. When we give material help to the needy, we intend to reap a name for ourselves. If we make a contribution to the society we would like our name to appear in the newspapers. If we take a sick neighbour to the hospital, we expect them to do likewise for us.

Who is lost?

Is it God or us? Just like a Child lost in the crowd thinks that his parents are lost, although in reality it is the child who is lost. Same is true with us it is not God but we humans are lost. Until this truth dawns on us we will continue to search for God through our own efforts and look for him in the life-less created objects and nature, instead of trusting in the solution that he has provided for our reconciliation.

Gurus of this world:

Today there are many teachers and so called Gurus in the world. Everywhere religion is preached via books, radio and TV. Everywhere knowledge is imparted, but there is absence of the Life of God.

Lord Jesus spoke about the religious leaders of his time and said if you follow them you will neither receive salvation from sin nor eternal life but at the end of the journey there will be a sure fall into eternal hell fire.

It is true that when a mortal man declares himself a Guru he shares his own knowledge as the truth of God. The customs and traditions of man are taught as the laws of God. He deceives people and gathers disciples for himself and collects riches from them for himself. He sits on the throne and makes others his servants.

Eternal Satguru Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus proclaimed “if anyone wants to be the chief, let him be the servant of all. And he who wants to be great among you be as one who serves. Luke 22:26.

Eternal Sat-guru Lord Jesus sat for food with his disciples on the last night before his crucifixion. He stood up from his seat and put on the clothes of a servant. Then he took water in a bowl and started washing the feet of his disciples. Such an act by a Guru was unheard and unseen in the human history. Lord Jesus commanded his disciples to follow his example in their service.

He as the Son of God took upon himself a human body. And came to this world and revealed to us that the God in heaven is not cruel, angry or hateful. He does not carry in his hands a sword or weapons drenched with blood of humans.

He presented to us a God who is a loving father. Who loves every one of us just as an earthly Father loves his sick child. He hates the disease but loves his child. God also hates our sin but loves us sinners as his own children. He wants to restore us back to himself. This is why Bible proclaims that God is love.

He came from heaven to show us all about the heavenly world and therefore we are able to trust his revelation of God.

Lord Jesus on the Cross:

While Jesus was dying on the cross to pay the penalty of our Sin, we see a murderer also next to him on another cross given the death penalty for his crimes. This man confesses his evil doings and pleads with Christ for salvation and a place into his heavenly kingdom. Lord Jesus pardons him instantly and assures him eternal life the very same day.

The gospel of the good news of Christ is symbolised in this event. The holy son of God dying next to an evil murderer and restoring him back into the family of God.

In Lord Jesus Christ there is hope for all sinners. Be they a drunkard, prostitute, thief a murderer or even religious hypocrite. Everyone has opportunity and hope of salvation. This is why the good news of Lord Jesus Christ is preached all over.

Sin is not just in works but it is in our hidden thoughts and motives. This is why God does not differentiate between anger and murder or lust and adultery.

Good news from God is summarised in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Who will repay my debt?

Here is a true story that brings home a spiritual truth. There was an Emperor in Russia. His name was Czar Nicolas. He would often disguise himself in the night and go and inspect his soldiers in their outpost. One night while on such a visit he found a soldier sleeping with his head rested on the table. Czar was upset at this behaviour and then on the table he found a note of despair. There was a long list of debt he had to pay back, and at the bottom of this note was a question, ‘Who will repay my debt’? Czar Nicolas signed and wrote ‘I will repay’. The Soldier found freedom.

The same truth is expressed by Lord Jesus Christ when he died on the cross for our sins. He became our substitute, took upon himself our punishment and granted us eternal life.

Love of Lord Jesus:

He voluntarily laid aside his heavenly glory and the exercise of power and authority. He kept aside his crown, of heaven and became a man and lowered himself to the level of a servant. Phil.2:5-10.

He revealed the Love of the Father to us. He was obedient to the Father God in everything and his obedience led to his cruel death on the cross. It was a great plan of God, and Christ became a substitutionary sacrifice for our sins.

Cross of Christ symbolised the injustice of mankind, the anger and hatred of man, jealousy, greed and pride.

Jesus died and was buried in the tomb and after 3 days by his divine power he rose from the dead. He appeared to hundreds of people in Jerusalem and its surroundings. He spoke to them about the kingdom of God and asked his followers to spread the good news of Salvation through repentance from sin and faith in Christ and his sacrifice. And proclaim the love of God for the people of any caste, colour or creed.

In the presence of hundreds of people while they watched him Lord Jesus ascended to heaven. He went with a promise that he would come again and then there will be the judgement.

Question for you?

Do you have darkness or the light of the living God? Do you have truth or the lie of man? Do you have hope or constant despair? Do you have defeat or the victorious life of God? Do you have salvation or just religious hypocrisy?

Would you like to receive Jesus Christ today? Remember he is alive you can trust him. He offers you salvation [moksha] he brings to you true peace. A peace that destroys fear, and a peace that gives victory over sorrow and pain.

Call on his name now, and you can receive salvation [moksha]. Put your trust in Lord Jesus and make this prayer with an honest heart and total faith.

Your Prayer of repentance and Salvation

Oh Lord Jesus I am a sinner. You are the Son of God who took the form of man. You shed your holy blood on the cross for my sin. I believe that you became a sacrifice for my sin. Forgive my sin and wash me clean. I repent for all my sinful ways. Give me your Holy Spirit and a new life. I will do your will and follow your ways. Guide me in my life. From today you are my Lord and my only Guru. I will only worship you. Amen.

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