Why Moksha is FREE?

Wages for sin is death, but the gift of God is Eternal Life in Jesus Christ

Every one is searching for Moksha, they travel far and wide for this and even go for pilgrimages. While doing all this, first requirement is to find God, and then ask him the way to get forgiveness from sin, and then receive Moksha [salvation].

Every religion speaks of the requirement of Moksha or salvation. An inner voice from within man warns him of the impending uncertainty of tomorrow. Man has come into the world, and his earthly body, or even this world is not his final destination. The spirit of man will come out from his body and move on to the next destination, that is the judgment seat of God. His body made of the elements of this earth, will return to the dust.

Therefore salvation from Sin, Moksha and attaining a heavenly abode is the need of everyone. No one is looking forward to a destination of fiery hell, and torture in the darkness of eternity.

Therefore being afraid of a tomorrow every human being is willing to pay a price to attain salvation or Moksha.

What should be the Price?

With a narrow view, and limited wisdom, most people tend to think about the cost for this salvation. Some are ready to endure pain and torture, others do penance, and still others good works. They search for God with their own knowledge and philosophy, and wander through religious places and pilgrimages.

They go around asking the cost of salvation so that they can arrange to pay it. They search their pockets for money and material. A rich person is willing to pay a higher price and be satisfied, whereas a poor man is willing to work it out with labor and rituals.

The merchants of religion meanwhile act as middlemen in this business of Moksha. A frightened, discouraged and miserable pilgrim falls into the net of these cheats. All his money gets stolen; he gets tired without concrete evidence or peace of God. All he has is false hope and uncertainty, and returns home.

No Moksha with Money & Material:

Can we give anything to God? This is just impossible. The maker of heaven and the universe is God himself. He has created all that exists. He has created us the human beings, and he is the owner of all creation.

If we take anything out of this creation and gift him or pay him as the price of our salvation then it is neither a gift nor the price because it all belongs to him anyway. All our money and wealth, that we have is received from his hand, so what gift shall we give? What price for our salvation shall we pay?

Greatness of God in the Universe & weakness of Man:

Let us try to understand this. In this vast universe, our earth can be compared and seen as a speck of dust. Our Sun is one million times larger than our earth. And there are other Suns in the universe that are millions of times larger than our own Sun, and are called Stars, that shine in the night sky.

A cloud of millions of Stars is called a Galaxy. And we are able to see millions of such Galaxies with the modern powerful Telescope.

The name of our own Galaxy is ‘Milky Way’ and to travel within this Galaxy from one end to the other at the speed of light i.e. 300000kms/sec will take 100000 years.

To get an idea of the vastness of time and space, let us decide to travel through just ten out of the millions of Galaxies, and it will take more than one 10 million years to accomplish this travel.

This vast universe is created by God himself. And within this our own Earth could be compared as a speck of dust. And imagine if we look into this particle with a powerful Microscope, then comparatively we humans will look like, the size of Microbes.

Now this microbe size human in this vastness of universe, and in the presence of a great God, is not taking Gods help for his Salvation. Man with his pride and arrogance, would like to buy his salvation with his own efforts and gifts.

This can be understood with an earthly example. Imagine there is a king who has millions of tons of Gold and silver and millions of tons of Diamonds in his possession. And in his kingdom there is a criminal who would like to pay for his crime and be freed from punishment by paying one Rupee to the King and please him through this gift and buy his freedom. Will this logic work?

Will a similar method work for salvation or Moksha. Sure you agree that this is a foolish way to even think and it is just impossible.

The almighty and living creator God is a loving God. We need grace and mercy from him and love to be forgiven from sin, and rescued from evil. Salvation of soul cannot be purchased by money, material or gifts.

No Moksha by efforts of Good works or Karma:

By mere good works, moksh cannot be obtained. The reason for this is that sin is not only committed by external actions, but is also inclusive of evil and sinful thoughts and attitudes, that are invisible from outside but hidden within in the heart and mind.

Murder is an external fruit of sin, but the hidden seed of this is anger. A sexual assault is an external fruit of sin but the hidden seed is lust in the heart. Stealing is the fruit of sin but the seed is hidden as greed in our hearts.

So the fact is, even if we eliminate the visible fruit of sin by our efforts of good work, God will not be satisfied with our life, infected with sinful thought life. The sin within us keeps declaring us, as sinners before God.

Therefore to think that by doing some good works, through our efforts and pride we can receive salvation is impossible. It is just like cleaning a vessel from outside when the inside remains filthy. This is like treatment of an inner disease, only externally. From outside we look religious and holy men, whatever our religion, but in the inside we still have lies, anger, greed and evil. Our external eyes cannot see it, but God knows everything and sees everything.

No Moksha with religious Gurus, human wisdom or Philosophy:

It is written in the Bible: John 3:13. “No one has ever gone to heaven and returned. But the Son of Man [Lord Jesus] has come down from heaven”.

If any human Guru by his intelligence, knowledge, philosophy, miracles or tantra magic influences others and leads them into his own cult and belief, then in this path salvation will not be obtained, but self destruction, in the eternal fires.

Moksha is Free and God himself has paid the Price:

God has come into the world in the human body to pay for the salvation of our souls. Lord Jesus, the son of God becomes a man and descends on earth, to reveal to the humans the will of God, the love of God, the path of salvation, truth and eternal life.

On the third day after his sacrifice on the cross, Jesus Christ comes out of death to life and on the 40th day after his resurrection from death he ascends towards heaven in the sight of a large crowd that gathers on a mountain. By himself becoming the Way, the Truth and Life, Lord Jesus becomes our Salvation.

The cost of Moksha can only be paid by almighty God himself. This is because he only knows the price of Moksha. And in Gods calculation the cost is a Holy and pure sacrifice as a substitute that pays, to save man from the punishment of sin.

Sacrifice should be holy because God is holy. This is why Lord Jesus fits in as a true incarnation of God. He took the human body and by the death on the cross he sacrificed his holy blood and thus became a perfect sacrifice for our salvation. Because of the Love of God for mankind a way of salvation has been provided.

It is like a loving Father who sacrifices his own life to save his dying child.

The remedy for death is Life. The cost of Moksha is sacrifice of substitutionary Holy blood [life]. And the reason for sacrifice is love.

Love discovers the way of Moksha. Love sets the price of Moksha. And this has been gifted to humans freely by God himself.

Today Lord Jesus is seated in heaven. He is willing to be your way of salvation, the price of salvation, your forgiveness from sin and grant you eternal life in heaven.

In the bible it is written in John 3:16:

  • For God so much loved this world that he gave his son Jesus Christ as a gift, so that whoever will believe in Him will not perish in hell but receive eternal life [salvation /moksha].

Your Prayer:

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, I believe that you paid the price of my salvation by your own holy blood. Please forgive my sins and give me Moksha.