गीत किताब – (Worship Songs in Hindi)

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Yeshu bhakti bhajan and worship songs in Hindi, Christian gospel and worship songs in Hindi, bhakti Aaradhna sangeet in Hindi.

गीत किताब
(व शिष्य थॉमसन के 70 लेख)
250 मसीही गीत, 160 पेज।

*यीशु भक्ति भजन, एवं आज सवाल है *

हर पास्टर को 3 किताब मुफ्त

मूल्य (Price) – Rs 20 (discounted)

Available from:
Shishyashram Delhi
305 D/A block, Sheeshmahal
Haiderpur road
Shalimar Bagh, Delhi office 365 offline downloaden.
Phone. +91 93128 17676 (Bhai Devender)

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12 thoughts on “गीत किताब – (Worship Songs in Hindi)

  1. Dear Rev.
    I am glad to hear word of God from your end and I real found that touching y soul and I believe that in your work is appreciable, so I would to read you book and kindly let me know how do I place order and pay for it. I really expect that I would be hearing more meaningful and soulful word of God and implicating them in our daily life.

    Nishita Lal

  2. After reading you literature I was greatly fascinated and appreciated your work done by you and wish to meet you at your ashram once.

  3. गीत किताब चाहिए कृपया मुझे दे ताकि इन गीत के माध्यम से जीवित परमेस्वर का भजन कर सकूँ

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