Gospel Resources In India

An Evangelical literature resource centre

“Christ not World, Life not Religion, Obedience not Activity, One not Numbers, Resources not Money, Servant-hood not Leadership, Wisdom not Knowledge & Weakness not Power”

We believe that the Kingdom of God will not be built with money and material. We are aware that with 5 loves and 2 fishes he had fed thousands of people. So also we believe that the spiritual hunger of millions of Indians (Mainly Northern part) and Nepal can be satisfied by the hands of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.  Our view of money is, we cannot serve God and Mammon. We would like to present the True Christ to those who are lost. We believe in reaching out to people and groups in North India and Nepal. We believe in distributing all our gospel resources in India FREELY to the needy people, deserving Christian workers and churches irrespective of their denominations.

Current opinion is that Shishyashram resources are in the greatest demand and use now across North India among Christian workers. For this reason Lord burdened our heart to purchase an  evangelical resource centre in India now called “Shishyashram” in the Indian Capital of New Delhi. This serves as a storage place for the resource materials and is accessible throughout the year to people. Some of the materials is transported to long distances of 1,000 kms or more.The resources are available in 15 Indian languages including Nepali and also in Southern Indian languages of Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. There is a great need to reach Indians and Nepalese and Sindhi community in their own cultural situations. They need resources in the language they understand.