Indian Christianity

Christianity in India & Nepal

Currently India’s population is more than 1.241 billion (2011) billion and growing. Percentage of christians in india is as follows.

  • A Little less that 2% of them are Christians, including Catholics.
  • Very limited Christian material is available in North Indian languages. English books from the West have very limited use for common Indians particularly Hindi speaking Christians and non Christians.

If India can be analyzed from the point of view of regions then taking the northern and the southern equal size region, Indian Christianity can be seen as follows:

Out of 10 Christians in India –

  • Only 1 resides in North Zone while
  • 9 reside in South Zone.

This explains our focus on Resources for North Zone of India, where the need is much greater.

During Kumbh mela (the largest Hindu religious gathering by the Ganges river) in Haridwar, the Kumbh coordination committee had selected The Jawab hindi book (written by Shishye Thompson) to be their main evangelical tool. Shishyashram supplied them with 300,000 books against a request of one million.

Every denomination in India is happily and willingly using the resources of these books, tapes and tracts. There are organizations that produce hundreds of thousands of these books at their own expenses.

Shisyashram does not keep any copyrights for these resources. As the Christ gave up all His rights and gave Himself to us. So also these resources are to be used freely by one and all.

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  1. Dear Brother
    Great to know your burden for the north Indian work.
    In a humble way, we also started a website in Hindi for the gospel truths. It is known as
    We added 3-4 of your songs in the site.
    You mentioned that you do not keep any copyright for the recourses. However as we wish to inform you that we are desiring to add some of your gospel messages in our hindi site .
    Thanking you

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