Moksha – Salvation

A discourse by Shishye Thompson

Religion is not the external organised set of teachings and beliefs you see that is the visible part. But as a seed – religions is the moral code in every individual that exists and has its origin in the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. Every man and woman has a kind of his own religion. This is manifested in the self righteous life and a self will life. Denying self means defeating self will and overcoming means doing Gods will instead of the self will. Christ says he has overcome it and then everyone who is born of God can also overcome…by having faith that is he is able to do…What he has promised…

Religions are the same

I understand that religions are all the same, and we can know it is true if we see it closely, and therefore I am not disturbed if you call me a Hindu a Muslim, Sikh or a Christian or from any of the other religions. A person belongs to a religion not because it is the true religion, or he likes it, but because he was helpless to make a distinction and is born into it. Whatever be their religion, all need to attain forgiveness of sin and Moksh [salvation] to enter into eternal spiritual life with God.

Human race is one in their need, and their nature. All have sinned and are fallen into evil and separated from creator God. This is true, and is proved by all the evil we see and experience around us. Everyone is beset with lies, all cheat, all have lust, all get angry at one time or the other. Sin in human life is hidden from naked eyes, just like the bacteria of a disease hidden in our bodies.

At the same time all religions have same basic and common teachings. They all believe that man is in sin, and needs salvation, and God is the creator. All acknowledge that murder, adultery, stealing, lying, greed etc is expressions of sin within us. They recognise that God is omnipotent. Violence is rejected by all. All religions call upon men to do good works. This looks like religions are good moral organisations. But with the absence of a living God in them, religion is like a dead body without Life. And is unable to help man know or reach God.

Lost in Religion

Religion is a human effort in search of God, as if, he is lost on the contrary man is lost in sin. Finite is trying to comprehend the infinite and this is impossible. Religion is a science of interpreting God and spiritual issues, rationally through human mind. Religion is trying to understand God through knowledge, just as one studies biology to understand living things or Physics to discover physical laws.

Creator of Universe

Look at the universe and the vastness of it, and millions of Galaxies, and distances of billions of miles between them. Then are we able to limit the one creator God on the earth into geographical boundaries? And think that he is not one God but many Gods according to our religious beliefs. This argument of national God and Foreign God, our God and your God does not stand logical thinking.

Violence, Greed and Business

The truth is God is one, and he is not part of any human established religious system. To meet him, we have to come out of the four walls of our every religion, because God has always existed and been creating before the religions ever came into existence. Religions are based around structures or buildings, made by human hands.

Look at the hatred religious zealots spread around against each other. The violence that takes place is always committed by those who think that they are more religious than others. And when they take such actions God is pleased with them.

Religious centres are the places of Greed, business, money power and lies. By the way Jesus Christ was murdered on the cross by the religious leaders. And the planning and conspiracy was hatched inside the meeting hall of the great Jewish temple.

Source of miracles

Religious people try to impress others by showing some miracle or supernatural act and claim it to be from God. The source of such miracles should always be questioned, as it could be from Satan or demonic forces. We should realise that every power is not God. And everything that we fear should not be worshipped for appeasement. We should seek protection from a living God. Religion tries to hide the sin within us cosmetically. The external looks good but spiritual life within is dead and hopeless.

Unique Life of Incarnate Jesus Christ

Now I would like to clear the misconception about Jesus Christ. He was and is, always out of the religious systems of the world. He did not direct anyone to any religion, or a religious book, but to himself and said follow me, His own words are proof of that.

He said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father God, but through me”. Bible .John.14:6.

This he could proclaim because he proved that he himself was the incarnate son of God, who came to save man from sin, and lead him to God. He himself came down from Heaven. Christ was unique in his birth. He was a historical person born 2000 years ago, and all that is said and written about him is not fiction but truth. Every prophecy concerning him dating thousands of years was fulfilled accurately in his life.

He was born into a poor humble family, to a virgin, as a sign from God of his divinity and uniqueness.

He was not born in the religious town of Jerusalem, but a small insignificant village. He never issued any political statement during his life on earth, although he lived under the oppressive rule of the Romans. He refused to become the King of the Jews when people demanded. He revealed the truth that no one can serve God and money. His own people of the time rejected him.

His Message contradicted religious system

His message was unique and unheard of before. He exposed sin, to reflect the way God views it. He equated Murder with anger, and adultery to lustful thought.

He spoke against externalism, and demanded the inward renewal of man with the Holy Spirit of the living God.

He exposed the hypocrisy of the religious leaders. He said they did not follow what they preached. They give alms to get a name for themselves. They make long, repetitive and loud prayers to impress other people. When they fast, it is for others to see. They impress people with the kind of long and flowing religious robes they wear. They want people to garland and respect them and call them their Guru. They like to sit in the chief places during religious ceremonies.

Jesus taught through his life and teachings that whoever is great should be like a servant. He himself washed the feet of his disciples and asked his followers to imitate such life.

On one occasion the religious authorities’ brought a woman caught in sexual immorality to be killed by stoning according to the law of their scriptures but he rescued the woman, by asking the sinless among them to throw the first stone.

He said love your enemies pray for them that hate you.

He cleansed the Jewish temple by removing the businesses from the premises that had turned it into a house of thieves.

He urged sinners to repentance from their evil ways He loved them and was their friend and welcomed them into the Kingdom of God. He pointed out that sin, was not just in visible action but invisible thoughts, attitudes and intentions. One could be outwardly religious but inside full of evil and sin. Jesus Christ exposed the hypocrisy, greed and power hunger of religious leaders.

Miracles of Jesus Christ

He showed his divinity by his numerous miracles that he did to help the people. He calmed the turbulent sea and stilled a storm. He was able to walk on the water.

He multiplied 5 loaves to feed more than 5000 people. He healed people from diseases.

He touched and healed the lepers. He restored the eyes of the blind. He raised dead people and gave them new life.

He cast out demons from those afflicted by evil powers.

Christian Religion in problem

Christianity as a religion was created two hundred years after the ascension of Jesus Christ by some political leaders and Emperors. He did not start the Christian religion, and he opposed the existing religious systems all his life. The present religious form of Christianity is in a mess. They follow their own man made traditions and teachings rather than the teachings revealed through Jesus Christ. There is lot of materialism, and hypocrisy. They say one thing and do the other. They depend on money and are greedy. They have become enemies of Christ by making the idols of Jesus Christ and other so called made saints and placing them in Churches. This is the ugly form of the Christian religion today. This system is different from those who are believers of Christ, and follow him and have attained Moksha through the sacrifice and blood of Christ, and have transformed lives.

Conversion according to Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus wanted people to turn to God not to a religion. And believe in him whom the Father God has sent from heaven for the salvation of mankind. The one conversion mentioned in the Bible is for a man to convert and become like a child.

He calls the religious leaders, who convert people for ulterior reasons as hypocrites who travel across sea and land to make one convert. Such a convert is twice as bad as they themselves, and thus heading for eternal condemnation. He was opposed to conversion to religious system.

God does not just want people to be better people, but rather spiritually transformed. They are made into a new creation by the miraculous work of his Holy Spirit and become spiritual and holy people. Religiosity does not take us to God, but believing in the provision of God for our salvation, forgiveness of sin and a new life through Christ.

Christ’s Death on the Cross for our Moksha

God’s proclamation has been that wages of sin is death. Bible .Rom 6:23.

Jesus Christ was willing to be crucified on behalf of the sin of humans in the world.

This he did to become a substitute suffering the penalty of sin on behalf of mankind. On the third day after his death he became alive and came out of the tomb and appeared to the people in Jerusalem. And in the presence of hundreds of onlookers he ascended to heaven on the 40th day after his resurrection. And he has promised to come again and then judgement will take place. Every soul will give account to him.

Today if you visit the city of Jerusalem you can see the empty tomb of Jesus Christ. His death on the cross was the plan of God that revealed his Love for his creation.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life”. Bible .John 3:16.

Good news is that God loves us and he wants to give us eternal life and save our souls from eternal condemnation in the hell. This is the meaning of Moksha. Any human from any religious background can come to God and receive Salvation [Moksha] through the way Lord Jesus Christ has provided through his sacrifice and shedding of his Holy blood.

Sin can be forgiven today, because Jesus Christ has the authority and power to do so. Eternal life can be received by calling out his name. Jesus Christ is alive today and you can prove it by asking him in prayer to solve any of your pressing problems, be it any family problems, any sickness, or attacks from evil spirit Pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

Your Prayer of repentance and Salvation

  • Oh Lord Jesus I am a sinner. You are the Son of God who took the form of man. You shed your holy blood on the cross for my sin. I believe that you became a sacrifice for my sin. Forgive my sin and wash me clean. I repent for all my sinful ways. Give me your Holy Spirit and a new life. I will do your will and follow your ways. Guide me in my life. From today you are my Lord and my Saviour. I worship you.  Amen.